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RE/MAX Freedom Office ViewWho is RE/MAX Freedom?

RE/MAX Freedom is leading real estate brokerages as a productive centric business development company serving Central Florida and the Florida Panhandle. Our mission is to empower real estate professionals and elevate their careers to new heights. As a comprehensive brokerage firm, we are dedicated to supporting agents in expanding their businesses. At RE/MAX Freedom, you have the autonomy of running your own business while enjoying a supportive network.

The Right Partner For Your Success! Unstoppable Starts Here! RE/MAX FreedomWhat sets us apart from other local brokerages is our distinctive culture, values, and beliefs. We have cultivated a collaborative and productive environment that fosters success and maximizes opportunities for each agent to reach their full potential. We believe that individuals are influenced by the attitudes and habits of those around them. For this reason, we exclusively hire agents who embrace this philosophy. Our commitment to sharing experiences and learning from experienced individuals has been the cornerstone of RE/MAX Freedom's success for over the past 5+ years. RE/MAX Freedom is the ideal brokerage for real estate entrepreneurs seeking a unique blend of independence, support, cutting-edge technology, education, and competitive advantages. Ultimately, our people make a tangible difference in the lives and communities they serve, both locally and globally.

At RE/MAX Freedom, we can propel your career to the next level. RE/MAX is not just a powerful brand; it is a comprehensive system designed for ambitious professionals who are serious about their careers.

It's important to note that not all RE/MAX offices are created equal. At RE/MAX Freedom, we can enhance your business, increase your effectiveness, and ensure you have a great time doing it. If you aspire to be the best, you need to be with the best. Let's explore how we can work together to advance your career.

To help you maximize your potential, we provide the following:

Extensive Training & Events:

We firmly believe that the more you learn, the more you earn. Our commitment to excellence means we provide top-notch education and training to our agents, making them the best REALTORS in the industry. We offer a comprehensive new agent “Launch” training program and classes suitable for real estate professionals at all stages of their careers. With unlimited training classes, Real Estate Information Exchanges, Monthly Meetings, and One-on-One broker mentoring, we ensure our agents have access to continuous learning and growth opportunities.

RE/MAX Freedom Broker OwnerExperienced Leadership Team:

We boast an experienced and accessible Leadership Team that believes in continuous learning and is dedicated to helping you develop your real estate business. At RE/MAX Freedom, we believe in the power and success of your career. Our Leadership Team provides support in various areas, including marketing, business planning, and monthly training, ensuring you have the backing you need to thrive.

Comprehensive Support:

Our knowledgeable and experienced brokers are available 365 days a year to support you. Whether you need guidance, advice, a broker signature, or additional training, our team is readily available to assist you. We have an open-door policy, so you can reach out to us in person or via text, call, or email. Additionally, our exceptional Support Staff is available during the week to provide any necessary assistance.

Competitive Compensation Plans:

We offer a range of highly competitive compensation plans tailored to each agent's unique needs, enabling you to grow your business effectively. Regardless of whether you're a new agent or a seasoned professional with decades of experience, we have a plan that aligns with your development. With our transparent Commission Disbursement process, you will always know the exact amount you'll receive from each closing, as it provides a detailed breakdown of your split and transaction fees.

FREE Mentor Program for New Agents:

Your success is our priority, which is why we provide tools and resources to help agents excel. Whether you are a new agent or experienced agent, our FREE mentor program gives you access to the Broker Owners of RE/MAX Freedom. This helps promote skill development, boost confidence, and enhance efficiency, enabling agents to get up and running more efficiently and achieve success sooner.

Powerful Brand Name:

We proudly hold the title of being the #1 name in real estate. Over the past five plus decades, billions of dollars have been invested in promoting the RE/MAX brand. As a result, our name and image are instantly recognizable, giving you a significant competitive advantage. Our national RE/MAX branding campaigns ensure you stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and connect with potential clients. With our recent brand refresh, the industry's top brokerage company has become even more powerful.

MAXTech by kvCOREMAXTech Powered by kvCORE:

RE/MAX equips agents and teams with a state-of-the-art, mobile-responsive, and user-friendly website, provided to you for FREE! This website showcases your personal brand, featuring a prominent photo, customizable content, and contact information. It's a platform designed to promote YOU! All leads generated from your site are sent directly to you, maximizing your opportunities. The site is optimized for search engine visibility, ensuring that your online presence is highly discoverable.

Powerful Brand Name:

We proudly hold the title of being the #1 name in real estate. Over the past five plus decades, billions of dollars have been invested in promoting the RE/MAX brand. As a result, our name and image are instantly recognizable, giving you a significant competitive advantage. Our national RE/MAX branding campaigns ensure you stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and connect with potential clients. With our recent brand refresh, the industry's top brokerage company has become even more powerful.

Lead Generation Platform:

We maintain a robust online presence that generates leads for our agents. Our branded websites, including remax.com,

RE/MAX Mobile Phone App

 global.remax.com, theremaxcollection.com, and remaxcommercial.com, along with the RE/MAX Mobile App, serve as dynamic resources that attract leads and introduce agents to potential clients. As the #1 name in real estate, RE/MAX has assisted millions of families in buying or selling their homes. Our engaging and impactful advertising campaigns establish strong brand awareness, giving you a competitive edge.

Auto-Generated Marketing Campaigns:

Our Megaphone platform is an easy-to-use online marketing tool packed with FREE, customizable templates for property flyers, postcards, virtual tours, social media posts, presentations, and more! It simplifies the distribution process, making it effortless to share and send your marketing projects. The beauty of Megaphone is its simplicity. It automatically extracts information from the MLS to populate promotional materials with property details and images, all while maintaining your branding.

Unlimited Online Training:

RE/MAX University (RU) offers comprehensive and interactive real estate education that you can access at your convenience. RU is filled with valuable resources to help you grow professionally, from instructional videos to printable guides covering negotiation, marketing, technology, and much more. You can also take courses to earn certifications, designations, and Continuing Education credits through RU, allowing you to enhance your skills and knowledge on your own time.

RE/MAX Out Sells Other Agents 2 to 1If you're considering a career in real estate or have recently obtained your license, we are proud to declare ourselves as "New Agent Friendly" here at RE/MAX Freedom. Unlike many other brokerages, we have the ability and willingness to support newly licensed agents. We embrace working with new agents and offer an array of benefits, including an established new agent training program, a successful mentor program at no cost, a collaborative company culture that encourages growth, free online tools and platforms, unlimited training and continuing education opportunities, one-on-one meetings with brokers and staff, hands-on training through the RE/MAX Freedom Assist program, and the immense advantage of being associated with a powerful global brand name and referral network.

If you're an experienced agent seeking a change, RE/MAX Freedom is the perfect fit. Our primary focus is creating an environment where new and top-producing agents can thrive and succeed. By providing exceptional support systems and synergy among like-minded professionals, RE/MAX Freedom ensures that top-quality real estate agents consistently outperform the competition. We foster a collaborative environment where agents function as a team, working together and sharing knowledge to drive even greater success and professional growth.

If you're looking to increase your production, achieve personal and financial freedom, or enhance your business and marketing skills, joining RE/MAX Freedom is the crucial first step toward advancing your real estate career. Asking "Why RE/MAX?" could initiate a life-changing conversation.

We offer competitive compensation plans, cutting-edge technology platforms, and powerful tools to elevate your production levels. Our brokers and support staff are readily accessible, ensuring prompt responses to your inquiries and assistance with various tasks. We provide training classes, real estate information exchanges, and monthly meetings, along with events to foster networking opportunities.

RE/MAX is the right move to propel your real estate business to new heights!

The ultimate goal of most real estate professionals is to establish a long, prosperous, and fulfilling career. Realtors are uniquely fortunate as their potential for unlimited earnings can further enhance this goal. Very few careers offer such benefits, and RE/MAX provides the solid foundation for your success.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let's get started. Contact us today for a confidential conversation about how RE/MAX Freedom can empower your real estate journey.

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